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At Ponderosa Ag Sales Ltd. we offer a variety of fertilizers to help keep your lawn and crops healthy and growing strong. We supply granular and liquid fertilizers, as well as organic options to best meet the needs of your fields. Contact us today to learn more!

2021 is the last year for the Farm Stewardship Program Permanent Tame and Native Forage BMP grant for seed costs. Please follow the link below for more information. Or call 1-866-457-2377

Farm Stewardship Program (FSP)

Liquid Fertilizer


AgroLiquid’s commitment to promoting and prospering the agriculture industry spans three generations, four countries, and all fifty of the United States.

Founded by father and son-in-law team, Douglas Cook and Troy Bancroft, in 1983, AgroLiquid remains a family business both in its ownership and direction to this day. Troy Bancroft’s three sons, Nick (Vice President), Albert (Employee Development Manager), and Gerrit (Senior Site Operations Manager) are now guiding AgroLiquid with innovative business practices and product lines that will lead the company into the future.

Today, we manufacture plant nutrition products and provide exceptional service to crop operations, both large and small, across the U.S. and the world. Our sales account managers support a network of over 120 independent retail partners and hundreds of highly-trained sales representatives. This team of experts helps growers effectively and economically utilize AgroLiquid products for their unique operations.


AllTech Crop Science

Alltech Crop Science is a division of Alltech, a privately-held animal health and nutrition company. For nearly 25 years, Alltech Crop Science has been a global leader in the application of microbial fermentation and nutrigenomic research to enhance yields, reduce stress and improve health in crops. These natural, proven solutions promote sustainability, profitability and value creation throughout the food chain.

Certified Organic Fertilizer

Bio-Fert Manufacturing

Bio-Fert MFG offers an extensive line of Certified Organic Fertilizers.

BioFert Manufacturing Inc is a fertilizer manufacturer focused on formulating organic fertilizers and soil amendments. BioFert was established with a vision of providing high efficacy, biodegradable and eco-friendly fertilizers for use in commercial agriculture.

BioFert manufactures a wide range of specialized liquid, granular and water-soluble fertilizers & soil amendments for open field crops, greenhouse crops, fruits and vegetables, nurseries, turf, landscape, etc.

Get the best of organically approved products from BioFert. Improve your crop quality with organic crop nutrition.


Fertoz recognized that the growing demand for organic crop farming required an increased focus on providing an all-natural solution for increasing soil nutrients. Our goal is to provide organic farming operations with reliable access to direct application rock phosphate fertilizers that are free of chemicals. Rather than make unproven claims about our fertilizer, we focus on education, testing, and proper use to document results. This process may be slower, but it ensures that we truly support the growth of sustainable agriculture around the world.

Lawn Fertilizer

Ground Keeper

A general-purpose granular lawn fertilizer made in Saskatchewan!!groundkeeper_ad

Conventional Fertilizer

Aberhart Ag Solutions

We are a passionate bunch. Being part of a family-owned business can be as challenging as it is rewarding. Like you, farming and running a business is in our blood. Farming, custom application, agronomy, trucking, and iron sales are all a part of our background. We enjoy the relationships in the agricultural industry that we have built. This business is an opportunity to strengthen our existing network and also make new connections.
We are proud to bring “Bio-Sul Premium Plus” product to market in the provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba. The family farm, “Aberhart Farm” applied it on a large scale before our participation in the marketing and application of it. We have excellent partners in “Bio-Cycle.” Introducing a low cost, convenient, environmentally friendly nutrient to a large geographical area has got our blood flowing and we think you will be excited about it too.

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