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Popular Varieties and Custom Seed Blends

Ponderosa Ag Sales Ltd. is your premier resource for seed in the Swift Current area. Whether you’re looking for popular varieties or a custom blend, we can help. Continue reading or contact us for details.

2022 is the last year for the Farm Stewardship Program Permanent Tame and Native Forage BMP grant for seed costs. Please follow the link below for more information. Or call 1-866-457-2377
Farm Stewardship Program (FSP)

Thank you to NorthStar Seeds for the continued support as our Forage Seed Suppliers.

Popular Varieties

Sidewinder Alfalfa

  • Our sidewinder alfalfa is Certified #1 Creeping Rooted Alfalfa.
  • Sidewinder is a creeping rooted alfalfa, exceptionally well suited for pasture or as a hay on sandy land or in drought conditions.
  • Sidewinder alfalfa has been one of the top yielding creeping rooted varieties for pasture. On lighter land and in drier conditions, Sidewinder has even out-yielded tap root varieties for hay.
  • This crop offers superior winter hardiness
  • Superior Recovery From Cutting or Grazing. Quick regrowth
  • Aggressive Creeping Root. Sidewinder shows the strongest spreading and filling
  • Growth Habits very compatible with other grasses, especially Meadow Brome, thus reducing bloat hazards

Fleet Meadow Bromegrass

  • This grass is the KING of pasture grasses!
  • Fleet can adapt well on sandy to clay soils.
  • It offers excellent growth from early spring to late fall.
  • Fleet provides leafy forage which regrows very quickly.

Custom Blends Designed In-House

Ponderosa Ag Sales Ltd. custom blends are blended right on our premises using high quality seed from stock! We will custom blend ANY blend you desire right on the premises.

Hay Blends:

Highland Haymaker

  • 50% Cert #1 Robust or Sidewinder Alfalfa
  • 33% Cert #1 Carlton Smooth Brome
  • 17% Cert #1 Kirk Crested

Higrade Haymaker

  • 60% Cert #1 Robust or Sidewinder Alfalfa
  • 40% Cert #1 Carlton Smooth Brome

Pasture Blends:

Profit Pasture (Most Popular)

  • 67% Cert #1 Fleet Meadow Brome
  • 27% Cert #1 Kirk Crested
  • 6% Cert #1 Sidewinder Alfalfa

Premium Pasture

  • 90% Cert #1 Fleet Meadow Brome
  • 10% Cert #1 Sidewinder Alfalfa

Saline Blends:

Saline Solution

  • 20% Sidewinder Alfalfa
  • 20% Rugged ST Alfalfa
  • 20% Pubescent Wheat Grass
  • 20% Tall Fescue
  • 20% Smooth Brome

Other Forage Seeds Available

  • Meadow Brome
  • Smooth Brome
  • Tap & Creeping Rooted Alfalfas
  • Clovers
  • Crested Wheat
  • Tall Wheat
  • Russian Wild Rye
  • Non-Bloat Legumes
  • Cicer Milk Vetch
  • Sanfoin
  • Creeping Foxtail
  • Slender Wheat
  • Tall Fescue
  • Lawn Mixes
  • Saline & Slough Grasses
  • Annual Forages
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